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As a tight-knit team of experts, we take care of the tech. You get to have  memorable and emotional communication. In conferences, virtual events, and private social gatherings.

Unique, Memorable.

We don’t do cookie-cutter solutions. Our user-centered services ensure communication intent reaches the audience.

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These pictures were taken from selected projects we were involved with



Can include speakers, inputs, amps, preamps, mixing boards, etc. – whatever delivers live or recorded signals to an audience. Choosing the right portable PA system depends on how – and where – you plan to use it.


Whether it’s a conference, training presentation, exhibition, or something arguably more glamorous like a live music event, sporting event, theatre production, or awards ceremony, we’re able to provide video and photo coverage that captures your event perfectly


We offer professional event photography services to capture the moments you won’t want to forget on any special occasion.


The main tasks of virtual event management companies are to ideate, plan, organize, execute, and coordinate virtual events for their clients. Within these tasks, virtual event management companies will offer support and consultation to: Develop creative ideas that will make your event unique and memorable. Try us to enhance, make your event scalable, and save costs.

We serve a diverse clientele

We have worked with universities, banks, embassies, and the government.


“I thank you immensely for providing quality service to the Queen’s birthday party this year. Your outstanding service made it a very special occasion indeed.”

-ELSIE MTENGA  Corporate Services Manager, British High Commission, Dar

“You have been our trusted supplier over the years and we find no reason to change that. Keep up the good work.”

-TARIQ Assistant Director- Event Service (Hyatt Regency)


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